Monday, 5 February 2018

Small Beginnings for a Big Project - Aled C - Draft

Many Thank-yous again to John for setting up this shared blogging space for the club, maybe it can give me a bit of impetus for working on my various projects.

A game of General d'Armee played recently
I am a very fortunate person for a many number of reasons, but particularly so because I grew up in a household of miniatures. When I first stumbled into the wonderful Odin's Night group I was called a second-generation wargamer. This is because my father, Dean, is a long time hobbyist who from my very young age let me play with his "toy soldiers" and let me roll dice for the games he played.
As I grew older I began to not only roll dice but take command of battles and I have many a fond memory of games played against my father. Our favourites by far, though, were Napoleonic games played with a variety of rules using the sizeable 28mm Peninsular collection that he built up since before I was born.
It was because of this that I have a love for the period that has had me long desirous of my own collection. I have a variety of off cuts no longer needed by my father but they don't quite feel like they are mine. And so the long jouney began.
Being a self-aware Germano-phile, I of course started a Prussian army when the Perry brothers first released their plastic boxset. However life started to get in the way and even now I barely have a Brigade let alone something I can play with. Much as I could have got back to them I have over the last few years come to prefer the smaller scales.
Over the past year I have been thinking, planning, and testing what shall be MY Napoleonic collection. One that I can call all my own. And, boy, it is going to be a BIG project.

1:10 Means a rough book strength battalion of 96! figs.

Scale - 6mm
Ratio - 1 Fig : 10 men (1 : 2 for guns)
I will be roughly be basing the collection around the Battle of Sacile in 1809 so I have numbers to work with, but as it grows it will become more generic for the year. Above is the test battalion for the Austrians and the project generally. They represent one of the Battalions of the Strassoldo regiment (n27) from the VIII Armeekorps.

And the poor photography continues.

As far as my research has told me, the helmets worn by Austrian infantry were worn until 1809 despite regulations changing in 1806 as units kept their equipment until it broke.... or at least that is my excuse for having this battalion in helmets because I like them and poo to you Mr Button Counter.
(The rest from here on out will have the shako though... probably)

These figures are from the wonderful Baccus Miniatures who have been more than happy to accommodate my requests in changing their 'packet' contents to suit my whims.

I hope to further post here with my additions so that I can track my progress.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

The view I'll probably get more often than not.