Friday, 15 December 2017

What can you do if you are NOT in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge? John S

My prep for AHPC 2016
As all Challengers know, to be a valid entry into the AHPC your miniatures can have no more work done on them other than cleaning, undercoating and preparation of the base.
This gives everyone an even starting point.
However when you are drowning in unpainted, part painted, nearly fully painted and painted but not based and finished properly miniatures, this gets a bit distracting.
Chronopia Orc Archers rediscovered
So this year I am undertaking the Finishing Challenge. I am not competing against anyone other than myself and the Mountain of Shame. I am finishing figures, completing the basing and even re-doing some basing. Along the way I am magnetising the bases, building ferrous based movement trays and making storage/organisation boxes for everything. I have been rediscovering a pile of lost treasures, and getting them on to the games table. I didn't realise that I had so many unfinished Chronopia Orcs. It was a joy to discover some Archers that I had started YEARS ago and were just what I needed to round out my Dragon Rampant force built using Chronopia figures.
They are now finished and giving me some much needed firepower.
I am currently working on two batches of miniatures, both purchased partly painted so I am finishing them off, changing the base colour and generally making them part of a homogenized force.
Almost finished the Archers and Rifles
The Empire figures consist of a unit of spears and of rifles. I am also doing a unit of Brettonian Archers as more generic "Medieval" archers, toning down the somewhat garish original paint job. I thought I had finished the archers but when I started ranking them up in the display case I realised that I had miscounted. Three more needed, back to the brushes. All the bases are getting a touch up too.
 Some had brown edges, others a couple of shades of green and only a few a proper black edge. A repaint of the base sides quick and easy way to tie together miniatures from various painters.
I'll keep you posted as I mine deeper into the Mountain Of Shame and come up with other little finish off jobs. I do think that my huge Dwarven army needs a tidy up in the basing area...
Happy Painting!  - John S

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  1. Good to see the fires of Mount Berowra forging away at the lead pile.